There must be hundreds and hundreds of songs that conjure up the passage of time, and a few handfuls, at least, that speak to aging and growing older. Can you think of any? Have any favorites?
We probably all know some. Songs with lyrics that veer to the saccharine or the sardonic; gloomy or gay; trendy or traditional.
In my legal calling, such songs cross my mind now and then.  They don’t drill into my brain or ears like an Ohrwurm or anything, but they do bubble up to the surface of my consciousness every so often.
At the risk of creating a monster, I’d invite you, my many readers (o.k. o.k., my two very smart dogs, the guy who helped me create this web site and the two other faithful readers, one of whom is a unable to sleep nights and prowls the web reading everything) to nominate a song you think fits in this category.
Consider it a contest of sorts–albeit without a prize.*
Some rules:
Submit your entry by May 3rd.
Submit up to two entries only, with a brief explanation. For instance: why you like it or where did you first hear it, or why does it mean anything to you or why did it make your list?  And it has to be just one song or two–we’re not trying to create an encyclopedic list, after all.
Submit  only a song you really like–one that you might actually share with others you love or like. Or songs you might share or discuss if  you were waxing philosophic, or sentimental or eloquent.
Let me hear from you–all you need do is respond to this post or email us (subject matter should be “my favorite song on aging”) at
Without trying to push the nominations in any direction, let me list three examples that come to my mind when thinking of such songs or lyrics:
Hello in There by John Prine (Bette Midler has covered this too)
When I’m 64 by The Beatles

This ‘Ol House  (traditional) covered by many including Stuart Hamblen, Rosemary Clooney, Dolly Parton and others

But I’d really love to read about, and listen to your suggestions!
* heck this is a law office–we like a disclaimer every now and then.