When it comes to the issue of nursing home visitation, it’s likely that old rules intended to slow the spread of Covid-19 in vulnerable populations, and the staff working in the homes, confounded almost everyone.  Essentially, especially early on, before vaccines were developed, the common approach was virtual complete isolation.  Then, as time went on, various federal and state agencies explored limited and tightly circumscribed visitation.

This fall, the feds issued some revised guidelines, based on past experiences and the understanding that vaccines are available.   You can check them out in the link below.  And if you have questions, or concerns, feel free to contact our firm.  https://www.cms.gov/files/document/qso-20-39-nh-revised.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2FeY-RvDeOyG1-TohwG4NL0LoV2wZ0nq1uHkwCjFDlaiUYXPmnysLkObw

Also, while we are talking Covid-19, don’t forget, if you are covered by Medicare (or know someone who is) the vaccine, and even the booster, if you are inclined, are covered.  https://www.medicare.gov/coverage/coronavirus-disease-2019-covid-19-vaccine