This area of practice typically includes businesses that are not publicly traded. What sort of business organization is best? Are you buying a business rather than starting from scratch? If so, are you buying assets or the entire other business?

What route will you pick? A sole proprietorship, a limited liability company or partnership, or might another way be smarter?  Will other folks be part of your business, especially by way of a loan or ownership or management?  If so, it would be smart to pin that down in some sort of written agreement.

Once the business is running, the typical ongoing needs of the business, like leases or purchases, loans, contract formation or negotiation, operation agreements, service agreements and other reviews often crop up.  We may be able to help.

With non-profit organizations there may be both operational and organizational needs, as well as requirements surrounding fundraising and tax exemption. annual report filings, and so on. Are you prepared to respond appropriately to your many stakeholders?

How about contract issues and employment issues, including unfair discharges? Call us about these matters to see if we can help.

Lansing Area Small Business Attorney Bradley A. Vauter