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Bradley Vauter & Associates, P.C., is a small private firm but with an enormous public spirit. We focus in these areas of law: elder law, probate court matters (estates, guardians conservators), estate planning including trusts and special needs trusts, property law, small business and non-profit law, and law important to members of the LGBT community.

Some good news?

Client Meetings and Staff Changes

Variants in Covid-19 continue to keep us all on our toes.  We are, however, meeting with some clients in person, but using only the large conference room and taking other precautions.  We also continue to use telephone conferences or Zoom meetings.  Our staff have been vaccinated and most all of our clients have been too. When you call for an appointment we can discuss how best to proceed, in ways that are comfortable for everyone.   We continue to evolve and change too with some growth and the challenges related to a changing legal landscape.

We have looking for a new legal assistant to help in our offices, and attorney Michelle Goetz will be off several weeks in late March and early April for maternity leave.

Dedicated Team. Focused on Elegant and Appropriate Solutions to Client Problems.



Concentrating in Elder Law; Non-profit organization; LGBT Law;  Probate Law and Estate Administration; Estate Planning and Trusts; Medicaid; Guardianship and Conservatorships; and Property Law

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Concentrating in Elder Law; Probate Law; Estate Planning and Trusts; Medicaid; Guardianship and Conservatorships; Juvenile, and Specials Needs Planning; and Property Law

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“You are a strong and knowledgeable advocate for the personal rights of all Michiganders but especially for the disabled and elderly. Personally, you are a sincere and honest individual and helping other people comes naturally.”


“A dedicated and friendly advocate with a passion for the law, particularly as it intersects with the rights of the elderly and undeserved.”


“When I needed him, Brad was there. . . Every time. . . He has much patience, perseverance, is not pushy, but yet with his expertise, knowledge and research, knows how to write or say what is needed to get results! He went out of his way to get me out of a big bind I was put in. Thank you :- )” Michael Hicks Hicks Agency (Insurance) 428 W. Lenawee St. Lansing MI

MICHAEL HICKS, Hicks Agency (Insurance)

“Brad was extremely thorough when explaining, and also open-minded to my suggestions and concerns.  He seems to understand life thru many perspectives; I believe we got along great considering the age gap between us.  It could be education, it could be his ability to relate”