In a perfect world, I suppose, Medicare would be easy to understand, everyone would understand their coverages, and claims would always be processed so as to benefit the elderly fairly and fully and promptly.
And for many many people covered by Medicare, the system actually does work fairly well.
But Medicare has been getting more complicated. Changes are happening often, and for several years now, between the optional Medicare drug coverage programs, Medicare supplemental programs, the changes in the Blue Cross of Michigan structure, and the so-called Medicare Advantage plans, the landscape has changed. And this is also true for coverage under health insurance and long term coverage plans as well.
People need to spend more time reading and learning about their coverage and their options.  And I think folks might need to start asking more questions about their coverage, and even challenging claims if they are told a service isn’t covered.
Perhaps now, even more so than in the past, Medicare and other insurance advocacy and planning will be the order of the day for seniors and their families and anyone with Medicare coverage of any kind.
Feel free to set up an appointment with me if you’d care to review your options or if you think you are trapped in some sort of Medicare or insurance snafu.  I may be able to help.
And check out some of the “Useful Resources” on our website.  We’ve gathered and then listed a good deal of decent and credible websites as a way to help our clients and readers and potential clients.
Under Useful Resources, in the Federal/Nationwide section we have links to the Medicare website and the Center for Medicare Advocacy websites.
And in the Michigan list under our Useful Resources, we have links to the Michigan Medicare and Medicaid Assistance Program (MMMAP) and the Michigan Peer Review Organization (MPRO).   There is also a link to the Michigan Department of insurance and Financial Services.
Any or all of the above resources and the information found, will help you better use or understand Medicare and sometimes other insurances too.  And with knowledge comes power.
And remember that The Place for Good Counsel, the office of attorney Brad Vauter, can sometimes help too.  Insurance and Medicare advocacy can help assure you are able to obtain services and benefits you need and that ought to be covered.  And good Medicare and insurance planning, can help you put together a plan that best meets your needs and budget.