If someone you know is struggling to manage their Social Security–perhaps paying bills late, if at all, or perhaps someone who has fallen for numerous scams, or maybe they have become forgetful and misunderstand how much comes in the door or which bills are most important. Our office helps folks with those struggles–and hopefully even before those struggles ever start. There are many tools in the toolbox to be considered.

One pretty decent tool is setting up a “representative payee” for Social Security benefits.

Here’s more info on that program for those who may be in need:

Sometimes you can help folks struggling to manage their Social Security by serving as a “representative payee”…in these arrangements you help handle their benefits, on their behalf, so that they don’t lose funds, or miss critical payments, and so on…..
Who might you step in to help?

Maybe a relative with Alzheimers, perhaps someone with a terrible brain injury, or others struggling. To do the job properly you must be organized, keep their funds separate from your own, and document things well enough that, once a year, you can make a report about what bills were paid, how much (if any) is left, and so on.

Our law office helps folks consider this approach, and other approaches, so that a person struggling isn’t left in the lurch.
Here are two links, meanwhile, written by others, about the idea of being a “representative payee” for Social Security benefits.