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Elder Law Attorney Lansing MI

Bradley Vauter & Associates, P.C. is a small firm with a wealth of experience and is here to help you. We are a private firm with a public spirit. We value your business and always keep your best interest in mind. We are certain we can help you and provide some peace of mind as you wade through the legal thickets. Let us be your guide whether that means creating a plan that meets your needs, or via litigation or administrative appearances to defend your interests or make your claims.

This means we often help with estates and trusts, wills, financial and durable powers of attorney, designation of patient advocate arrangements, and Medicare and Medicaid advocacy or planning and probate administration. We can intervene and try to help if elder abuse or exploitation is suspected.

We also help those worried about long term care planning, or paying for nursing homes or other care, and special needs trusts and government benefits. If you are concerned about guardianship or need a conservator, we can help; just as we can help with care issues and concerns at nursing homes and other facilities.

We support, help, advise and represent people with real estate issues, deeds, and property and landlord tenant matters, including evictions.

For families who have a child with disabilities, we help with special needs trusts. We also may be able to refer families to attorneys or organizations to help assure that the letter and spirit of the law surrounding the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act are honored, and we might be able to provide some guidance ourselves.

For more information on our services or to schedule an appointment, contact Bradley Vauter & Associates, P.C. today at (517) 853-8015.

A dedicated and friendly advocate with a passion for the law, particularly as it intersects with the rights of the elderly and undeserved.
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