Sometimes you can learn a bit more about an area of law by attending a presentation of some kind.  We give presentations at times usually while working with others.  Sometimes we sponsor the presentation ourselves.
No matter how you pick up information on topics like this, remember to be careful. Legal presentations and seminars can usually only provide a general overview of the law and topics, and that is particularly true if the presentation is pretty short as almost no legal topic is stone cold simple.
Once in a while too, a presentation that seems neutral on its face is one given with a hidden agenda–to sell something.  This doesn’t mean not to go to seminars sponsored by financial groups or investment groups or the like. But it does mean, that if you feel pressured to act immediately, you should trust your instincts and wait a bit or even seek counsel elsewhere.
A recent lunch-time presentation we gave to members of the Ingham County Bar Association Probate Section, in regards to gay marriage issues, is one example of a presentation we’ve given recently.  Later this week we are giving another presentation on long term care costs (like nursing homes) and possible help with those costs via Medicaid or Medicare of both, to area seniors.
But for the quick thoughts on same sex marriage issues and probate after the Obergefell and Windsor decisions?
See that presentation here: