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Nursing home visitation regulations updated in light of Covid developments and Medicare coverage news for vaccines

When it comes to the issue of nursing home visitation, it's likely that old rules intended to slow the spread of Covid-19 in vulnerable populations, and the staff working in the homes, confounded almost everyone.  Essentially, especially early on, before vaccines were developed, the common approach was virtual complete isolation.  Then, as time went on, [...]

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Have Any Questions?

Do you need to plan a year end review, or even just a simple "legal check up" on issues or business or estate affairs or the like, to see if you are in good shape for the weeks, months or years ahead? Do you have nagging questions or concerns about your affairs or the affairs [...]

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Up In Smoke and Tricky Questions for Trustees of Special Needs Trusts Regarding Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana and disabled persons who have special needs trusts? It is a bit of a new world, as many states are struggling with medical marijuana laws, and particularly how those laws work well with or how they don't work well with, federal law. In the realm of folks with special needs, the various challenges [...]

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SBO Trust – Michigan Supreme Court Decision

An important decision just out by the Michigan Supreme Court will probably help families who need some help with paying for long term nursing home costs. The state of Michigan Department of Health and Human Services or Department of Human Services has a big big role in administering the various Medicaid Programs in Michigan--even though [...]

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What sort of fees or costs are involved? What are the typical charges in 2022?

Seeing a lawyer usually costs money.  It can scare folks into inaction, so we are sharing typical costs below, on both an hourly basis and in some of our "flat fee" areas. Usually seeing a lawyer or addressing a problem or issue early on, makes sense, since playing "mop up" usually is more expensive [...]

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