It can be very tough for caregivers, family members and spouses, when the capacity to communicate, or comprehend communications, starts to evaporate.  The problems are sometimes easy to solve–if we are lucky.  Usually they are much harder to solve.
One starting point is to see if any adaptive technologies or devices or even practices can be put to use.
A basic look at such things can be found on a federal website, when hearing voice or speech are at issue.  Check this out:
For younger and older folks too, there may be sight issues in which adaptive technologies could help–and a brief look at some such items or ideas can be found here:
Finally, should the issue turn more on cognitive factors and communication, related to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, the Alzheimer’s Association offers some tips for family and friends and caregivers, and those tips can be found here:
Feel free to call us if you think there may be legal issues or barriers you face in regards to issues such as this, or in the event you think long term care may be warranted, and are unsure what programs you might use to help in the journey.