If you are facing a disease process that is likely to greatly alter your ability to help yourself, or your life in general, don’t go it alone.  Sure, sure, in the final analysis, whatever happens, is happening to YOU.
But more likely than not there is a constellation of folks who care and who would or will help. You should take advantage of that, in order to not feel overwhelmed.
The trick is to avoid “burn out” by caregivers, and to get knowledge and perspective for yourself. The road ahead may well be pretty rocky.  So finding even a little guidance from those who have tread the path may make the road ahead seem less rocky.
Virtually every major condition or disease has a “group” or organization.  While such groups may be heavy-handed at times in seeking donations, most give decent information, offer tips, sponsor support groups, talk about treatments, and so on. If you are at all worried about a group, you can pretty readily check out their background and standing with various rating agencies, the Attorney General in your state, or others.
As an attorney, I can often help with some aspects of what you will or your loved ones may face.  But the law only helps so much.  Make an appointment with me of course, early on–but take advantage of what others can offer too.
In early May we will list a number of groups and organizations as part of our web links and resources.
Stay tuned.