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Don't Go It Alone

If you are facing a disease process that is likely to greatly alter your ability to help yourself, or your life in general, don't go it alone.  Sure, sure, in the final analysis, whatever happens, is happening to YOU. But more likely than not there is a constellation of folks who care and who would [...]

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Medicare and Insurance Advocacy

In a perfect world, I suppose, Medicare would be easy to understand, everyone would understand their coverages, and claims would always be processed so as to benefit the elderly fairly and fully and promptly. And for many many people covered by Medicare, the system actually does work fairly well. But Medicare has been getting more [...]

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Sharing Favorite Songs–of Aging or Getting Older

There must be hundreds and hundreds of songs that conjure up the passage of time, and a few handfuls, at least, that speak to aging and growing older. Can you think of any? Have any favorites? We probably all know some. Songs with lyrics that veer to the saccharine or the sardonic; gloomy or gay; trendy or traditional. [...]

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Who Cares About April 16th?

This time of year we often are reminded of taxes, and April 15th as the "due date" for submitting our income tax returns. But April 16th is a day worth noting too--it is National Healthcare Decisions Day. Sure, it's not as much fun as the Fourth of July, or as warm and fuzzy as we [...]

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Social Security Disability. Compassionate Allowances. Older Applicants. A Break for Some Applicants?

Applying for Social Security Disability can seem daunting.  The general test requires applicants to establish that they cannot do ANY gainful employment in the national economy. Carefully making your case, and thoughtfully filling out the application and providing supportive medical information from treating health care professionals is important.  Even so, many months, even a year [...]

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Designating someone to act for health emergencies

Most all adults make their own decisions about medical treatment on their own--their body, their choice.

In Michigan, if you are over 18 years old, and you haven't prepared a designation of patient advocate form and/or a medical power of attorney form, all hell can break loose should you become so disabled that two doctors think you cannot effectively communicate your treatment wishes.

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