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'Alone' in old age?

I presented early in January to a chapter of the State Retirees Association of Michigan--Lansing Chapter. (The materials I handed out can be found elsewhere on our site--like here: lhttp://SERAPresentationltcfinal  ) One of the folks in attendance faced an issue that crops up more often than you might think.  The issue?  Who will help me when [...]

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Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year

  From Left to Right:  Brad, Tyler, Richard, Helen, Jadranko At the law firm of Bradley Vauter & Associates, P.C. we also call ourselves "the place for good counsel."  We want to be the place you turn to in order to get information or advice or help when you need it--and we want folks to [...]

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Next-of-kin, estrangement, and taking control

When we help clients with "estate planning' we also discuss planning for events while they are still living. Many of us have ideas about what to do with our legacy or estate, once we are dead. We might have family or friends or charities in mind--people or organizations who would take after our death because [...]

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Communication tips and adaptive technologies–quick ideas

It can be very tough for caregivers, family members and spouses, when the capacity to communicate, or comprehend communications, starts to evaporate.  The problems are sometimes easy to solve--if we are lucky.  Usually they are much harder to solve. One starting point is to see if any adaptive technologies or devices or even practices can [...]

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Tough or "Slum" Landlord?

Richard Rooney, an attorney here, has heard from various friends over the years, far too many tales of woe about bad landlords--often from tenants who didn't really protect themselves properly.  While some landlords will roll their eyes and recount their own tales of bad tenants, or "professional" tenants who play games, this article by Richard [...]

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